Castleberry Hills Lofts for Sale

Castleberry Hill is located in southwest downtown Atlanta area of Atlanta within the 30313 zip code. The Castleberry Hill area used to be the industrial center of Atlanta and this is noticeable just by looking at all of the historical warehouses and factories. The good news is that all of these character-rich and historical structures are being restored and renovated into authentic lofts. The area itself consists of about twenty large buildings, most of which are being converted into lofts.

These days the area of Castleberry Hill has continued its trend of being the “loft mecca of Atlanta.” There are many restaurants and art galleries sprinkled around the Castleberry Hill area which have also become an attraction for fixtures and visitors alike. All of this however, should come as no surprise considering the closeness of the Downtown area. Whether it’s exposed 125 year old wooden beams or century old concrete flooring, Castleberry Hills has an incredible collection of authentic lofts.


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