Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve

The Jarmin and Jones Real Estate Group is doing great things and we haven’t even celebrated our first birthday. Perhaps the coolest thing out right now is our new Facebook Application. Jarmin and Jones has become the first real estate group in Atlanta to offer an application on Facebook that allows you to search for Atlanta Real Estate without logging out of Facebook. “Like” us on Facebook then check it out. The application is a bit simple for now but we have big expectations in store for this one.

Real Estate with Jarmin and Jones Real Estate Group in Atlanta, Georgia

On the business front, the Jarmin and Jones Real Estate Group currently has just over $2 million in real estate under contract and counting. The new year is here and we couldn’t be more pumped to see what 2012 has in store. Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without a huge team and network of great people here in Atlanta. We appreciate your business and we are always welcoming referrals, so send your people our way and we guarantee they will love the experience. Lastly, I want to express a huge thanks to all that are following Jarmin and Jones Real Estate Group.

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